Growing Vegetables in Spring/Summer

Growing Vegetables in Spring/Summer

It's that time of year! Time to start preparing your garden to ensure it thrives during Spring and Summer. One of the greatest joys you can get from your garden is growing your own vegetables. Easy, fun and healthy.



Why grow your own vegetables?

Are you a newbie when it comes to growing your own vegetables? Well we promise you won't regret it. It is rewarding, easy, cheap and healthy. You can pick up vegetable seeds for a couple of Euro at The Pavilion Garden Centre and watch them flourish. Plus, growing your own means that you know exactly where your vegetables come from. You know what is in the soil that has helped them grow and can keep them pesticide free. This will give peace of mind for you and your family. 


What to grow in Spring?



Early seed potatoes





Spring Onions



Sweet Corn

Salad leaves









There is still time to prepare the ground for your vegetable patch. Fork over existing beds, cover new seedlings and keep an eye out for slugs. Putting down a bit of Farmyard Manure will hold onto the water and nutrients for longer. Pick up a bag at The Pavilion Garden Centre for €6 per bag or 3 for 2 - €12.


Make sure you grow your vegetables in a sunny position where they can happily ripen. A good idea is to create a vegetable patch near to your kitchen. Not only can you see your hard work paying off each day, it means you won't have to trek to the end of the garden. Now that would just take the fun out of it all. You can simply pop out the back door, grab your veg for dinner and head back in to enjoy it. Plus, you can proudly show them off when visitors come over!


Get the family involved

Growing your own vegetables can be a fantastic activity for all the family to enjoy. Introduce the kids to growing vegetables to keep their little hands busy and teach them all about healthy eating. This could also help them become more interested in eating vegetables if they currently are not. Which, lets face it, most kids are not. They will get a kick out of the fact that they had a part to play in growing the tomatoes or peppers they see on their plates. In turn, they are more likely to tuck in! This also sets them up to continue growing their own vegetables which in turn should keep them healthy and well informed about good food. 


Check out how much fun the kids had on their visit to the Garden Centre recently below.



Pop into The Pavilion Garden Centre online store or give us a call on 021 488813 and we will be able to help.




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